More than just natural, Auromère products are inspired by the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and are crafted with premium Ayurvedic herbs and botanical extracts. Pure, Authentic, & Effective.


Badger is a mission-driven family-owned company located in the woods of New Hampshire. They blend the finest organic plant extracts, exotic oils, beeswax, and minerals to make the safest, most effective products possible to soothe, heal and protect. Badger was founded on the simple principle of creating healing products that real people need. Organic and fair-trade ingredients are used to nourish people and planet.

Beacons Pharmaceuticals

Beacons Pharmaceuticals is a leading provider of high quality, fully integrated contract pharmaceutical manufacturing services. One of its most popular products is Lyprovite, which provides all the essential vitamins and minerals vital for good health, growth and development of children.


Carlson Labs has produced pure, quality, award-winning vitamins, minerals, fish oils, and other nutritional supplements. The company began with a single vitamin E product in Founder Susan Carlson’s small Chicago apartment and quickly grew to offer the most complete line of all-natural vitamin E supplements in the world. Great tasting, sustainable omega-3s, Carlson liquid fish oils are bottled with a touch of antioxidants and are given a nitrogen flush to remove oxygen and to help prevent oxidation.


Sri Lanka's native beauty culture dates back thousands of years. These timeless formulas are passed down to each generation through family practices. With such a history and reputation, the Sanjeewaka family of Chandanalepa fame is synonymous with creating beauty care treatments that are effective, safe and have withstood the trials of time. Chandanalepa’s high-quality product range is now available across the world.


Cocomi Bio Organic creates delicious, modern twists on the humble Sri Lankan coconut, handpicked from their organic family farms. It is ideal for vegans, the lactose-intolerant or for those who just prefer the taste of coconuts. Cocomi Bio Organic is perfect for morning cereals, tea, coffee, smoothies and health shakes.

Dr. John’s Healthy Sweets

Dr. John’s Healthy Sweets is a leading manufacturer of sugar-free sweets and candies. Dr. John’s Healthy Sweets range includes hard candies, lollipops, gums, mints, caramels, taffies, and chocolates that are made from all-natural sweeteners which do not include any artificial colors, fortified with important nutrients, are tooth-friendly and available in different flavors, enabling consumers to enjoy a wide variety of sweets without causing any tooth decay.

Eden Foods

Eden Foods is a principled natural, organic food company. The premier natural food company in the Americas, it is the largest remaining independent brand of real organic dry grocery, offering everything from pure whole grain to organic beans.


Freshening is a leading manufacturer of various wet wipes based in Singapore. At the heart of everything they do is a mission to serve and provide all stakeholders what they need to “Be Clean Be Happy.”


Honeylife Australia’s bee products are 100% Australian and highly prized for its superior quality throughout the world. Australia’s wide-open spaces, its clean natural environment and summer weather offer perfect conditions for the production of bee honey nectar. Honeylife is a world leader in Australian Healthy bee products and upholds this reputation with pride.

Jones Tea

Jones Exporters Ceylon (Private) Limited is proud of the rich heritage and reputation that has been the cornerstone of its business. Jones Tea constantly strives for excellence in servicing its valued customers. Their long-standing experience enables them to provide customized tea-based beverage solutions to cater to a varied range of customer preferences.

LKF Medical

As a leading medicated oil in Asia, Axe Brand and its parent company, LKF Medical, have a strong foothold in Southeast Asia and China. Families around the region have come to associate the oil with a sense of healing and calm, and its unique fragrance has become synonymous with natural well-being.


Himalayan Chandra is the #1 brand in North America for large volume saline nasal irrigation devices. The combination of the medical background of NeilMed and the spiritual background of the Himalayan Institute make it the perfect, all-natural solution to nasal discomfort with a method that’s been proven to work for centuries.

Pearlie White

Pearlie White® is the only home-grown Singapore oral care brand and the only brand that has oral care manufacturing facilities in the country. Pearlie White® provides intelligent oral care solutions globally to discerning consumers who are looking for the extraordinary.


Pines Wheat Grass is a labor of love. Pines made it a priority to become the only true farm-to-table greens producer. Their 100% Vegan facilities are unmatched, and they are incredibly proud to be the only green superfoods sustainable producer that farms with natural rain - not groundwater through irrigation.


Preserve products are good for both people and planet. The Company transforms yogurt cups into toothbrushes and take-out containers into tableware. Through innovations in sustainable materials, recycling systems, and performance-driven design, Preserve has created low-impact, stylish products to accompany you in your day-to-day life. As a pioneer in sustainable products, they found their roots in creating everyday household products from 100% recycled plastic.


Purefit offers protein bars, crisp bars, protein pasta and other original protein bars which are wheat-free, gluten-free and dairy-free, thereby providing vegan protein that is healthy as well as tasty and can be a part of daily routine.


SaltWorks is America's Sea Salt Company, the most trusted source for all-natural salts. SaltWorks offers the highest quality, all-natural and authentic sea salts for cooking and bathing. It is devoted to sourcing and producing the finest, most flavorful and therapeutic salts from around the world.

Tea Tree Therapy

Tea Tree Therapy was born from an idea that everyone should have access to a safe and natural antiseptic. Tea Tree Therapy is widely regarded as the top manufacturer of tea tree oil in the world and is known for having the highest quality control in the industry. Products are manufactured with the highest quality Tea Tree Oil and are free from petrochemicals, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, DEA, mineral oil, artificial colors & animal ingredients.

Wen Ken Group

Wen Ken Group is a family-owned group of companies and the creator of the renowned Three Legs Brand Cooling Water. Three Legs brand has certainly grown and developed along with many generations. Nonetheless, even with the onslaught of time, Wen Ken has never wavered in the endeavor set forth by its founders – to always serve with pride and fervor in their mission to supply quality and affordable healthcare products to the masses.

Whistler Water

Whistler Water is from ancient glaciers located high in the Alpine peaks of the Coast Mountain Range just north of Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Only BPA-free bottles that are 100% recyclable are used to ensure Whistler Water stays pure and pristine, exactly as nature intended.